Bringing sustainable technology to life.

OrganoCat is a green science and technology company focused on developing innovative materials, processes and applications to optimize the performance of and protect the soil and crops from existing agricultural products, and to remediate waste and toxins in water, soil and industrial byproducts.

We serve four core business segments- agriculture, energy production, general industry, and municipalities - and our technology directly supports the sustainability initiatives within these segments.

Our value is the intellectual property and expertise in developing materials, processes and applications that are synergistic, organic substitutes and enhancements for synthesized chemical products that meet the specific needs of our customers.

We also have unique and effective electro-physical and vibroacoustical technologies used to remove water contaminants, emulsify dissimilar liquids, separate and extract targeted materials and facilitate mass and heat transfer processes.

In addition to selling Active Humic Compounds, we seek partnerships to develop new materials and license our innovative technology in order to solve key problems and enhance products.

In the end, we want to provide a solution that is clean, cost effective and environmentally friendly, supporting our customers’ sustainability initiatives.

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