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    Bringing green technology to life

    OrganoCat is a green science and technology development company. We focus our efforts on:

    • Green agricultural materials for soil, water and plants to improve quality and yield
    • Environmental remediation solutions for soil and water contaminated with polychlorinated, polyaromatic and crude oil hydrocarbons, biological organisms and minerals
    • Conversion of toxic industrial byproducts into less toxic and/or reusable materials
    • Mixing, separation, homogenizing, and extraction of fluidic materials using less energy and time

    Leveraging an extensive technology portfolio, we operate in collaboration with our clients through an open innovation environment, enabling speed and efficiency to the market for our clients. Incorporating various types of business agreements, our goal is to produce winning solutions for the client and OrganoCat.

    Vision and Mission

    • OrganoCat is a green science and technology development company
    • Our vision is cleaner soil and water, healthier plants, ecologically beneficial and sustainable agricultural practices, environmentally safe industrial waste, and time and energy saving  technologies for effective liquid treatment