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    It starts below the ground

    How do we feed nearly 10 billion people by 2050 and not endanger the environment as a result? Our answer is to focus on soil health with native, natural organic materials; improve nutrient efficiency so you get the same results with less inputs; and stabilize nutrients so they get used by plants and not leached into water sources.

    OrganoCat has proven experience in developing effective organic materials that supercharge the soils biological engine, providing a healthy environment for quicker seed germination and emergence, and healthier plants.

    Future advances are leading us to new nitrogen manufacturing processes that will reduce volatilization and leaching, and buffer the adverse effects of nitrogen on soil organic and mineral matter.

    OrganoCat seeks global leaders in agricultural inputs to take these emerging technologies to market. To meet with an OrganoCat representative about one of our emerging technologies, please contact us or call (502) 992-0661.