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    We bring green technology to life

    Your business is looking to solve complicated problems that impact your customer’s bottom line. We offer simple solutions that you can deliver to the market.

    Whether you are looking to develop environmentally beneficial agricultural inputs that improve yield; trying to figure out how to reuse water; or looking for innovative solutions to remediate soil, water and waste from many different toxins, OrganoCat will partner with you to develop a green solution using less inputs while achieving the desired result.

    It starts below the ground

    It is now recognized that the world needs an innovative approach to feed nearly 10 billion people by 2050. Modern agriculture has focused on the ground up. We believe the next frontier of agricultural advancements are below the surface. Using natural, organic biopolymers, we see an evolution in soil health restoration, bio stimulation, nutrient efficiency, and nutrient loss prevention.

    Water: A precious resource

    Water is becoming one of the world’s most precious natural resources. But how does a business process the huge volumes of water found in industrial operations efficiently and economically? We believe we have the next generation technology that will do just that – process water economically and efficiently for reuse. OrganoCat seeks global leaders in water processing to take these emerging technologies to market.

    Restoring the environment for future generations

    Industrial facilities produce waste. Manufacturing sites contain spills and leaks. Environmental accidents happen. We offer innovative technology to remediate these problems in a cost effective and efficient manner. OrganoCat seeks global leaders in remediation to bring green solutions to the world.

    OrganoCat is a green science and technology development company specializing in solutions for agriculture, environmental remediation, water treatment, petrochemical processing, mining, food processing, and waste treatment. We own an extensive technology portfolio including organic biopolymers (AHT, 3D Scavenger), electro-chemical (AIG), and electro-physical (DES) technologies. Our technology is in various stages: commercialized, pre-commercialization, design, and discovery. We seek to partner with industry leaders who have a clear market position, a strong technical and engineering organization, and an open innovation spirit to commercialize these emerging technologies.

    To meet with an OrganoCat representative about one of our emerging technologies, please contact us or call (502) 992-0661.