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  • 3D Scavenger

    Take out the trash in your water

    Water is a precious resource for any operation. Removal of Organic and mineral impurities from aqueous media is common in many industrial, agricultural and municipal water processes. Common methods include coagulants and flocculants, mixing and storage and various types of filtration. These methods remove fine particles and some insoluble organic and mineral contaminants, but not many soluble contaminants.

    Soluble contaminants removal requires specific chemicals with ion exchange, reductive, oxidative and adsorptive/absorptive properties, or physical methods like ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis. Each specific chemical agent is active in a narrow range of contaminant content, ion composition, temperature, etc. Physical methods are expensive and not applicable in many practical cases.

    3D Scavenger™ is organic-mineral reagent with volumetric molecules that contain active cation and anion sites; chelate and complex forming groups; hydrophobic and hydrophilic edges; biologically active functional groups; and structural units that are native to most organic and mineral substances. 3D Scavenger molecules are also highly associative.

    3D Scavenger is non-specific reagent because it works on a wide scale of organic and mineral contaminants that are soluble and insoluble, negatively and positively charged, hydrophilic and hydrophobic, oxidized and reduced. Contaminants get bound by 3D Scavenger’s volumetric structure, reducing or neutralizing their impact to water and making them available for removal.

    3D Scavenger is soluble in aqueous media. It is organic in terms of its chemical composition and natural origin, giving you an environmentally safe choice for water treatment.

    3D Scavenger has been successfully used on process and blowdown water treatment in SAGD oil sands processing and many kinds of waste water treatment like cement grey water, egg wash water, cutting fluid/building waste water, heavy metal contaminated waste water, municipal waste water, etc.

    3D Scavenger is ready for commercialization. To meet with an OrganoCat representative, contact us.