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  • Food Processing

    Save time and energy

    Industrial food processing can be time intensive and energy consuming, often requiring chemical additives and catalysts. Introducing VibroChem™, an innovative vibro-acoustical technology that is used for intensive mixing, separation, homogenizing and extraction of fluidic materials. The unique aspects of this technology and device are based on the physical properties of its action, the novel design of the vibro-acoustical apparatus, and its ability to replace some chemicals and catalysts due to specific physical effects. These unique aspects result in reduced dwell times, less energy use and better final product.

    Examples of effective use include:

    • Mixing and dissolution of sugar in heavy glucose syrup
    • Extraction of essential elements in plant and animal substances, and minerals
    • Separation of stable heavy oil-in-water and water-in-oil
    • Physical-chemical process intensification resulting in reduced temperature, time, catalysts and chemicals

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