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  • Active Ion Generator For Water Treatment

    Water is one of the most vital natural resources in the world, and is considered the most important resource to conserve, recover and reuse. Industrial and municipal processes use water in very high quantities presenting a challenge to efficiently and economically treat them for reuse. Many industrial waters are contaminated with harmful organics like TCE, PCB’s, PAH’s and dissolved and dispersed mineral substances that can be very stable and difficult to remove. Additionally, some of these contaminated waters make their way into underground water sources, further complicating their remediation.

    Introducing the Active Ion Generator (AIG): an innovative, device-based technology that solves many key water issues efficiently and cost effectively.

    The AIG is an electro-dynamic device with a similar footprint, scalability and energy consumption to a pump. The AIG can be used in a batch or inline process. The device generates various forms of catalytically, biologically and chemically active ions, for example iron, and works on the basis of reduction, oxidation, absorption, coagulation, etc. Applications which have been effectively tested include:

    • TCE
    • PCB, PAH, Crude Oil Hydrocarbons
    • SAGD Process & Blowdown Water
    • Frac Water
    • Grey Waters
    • Other Industrial Waste Waters

    The AIG technology is in Discovery phase and ready for Design phase. The current device is lab-scale and available for small batch testing.

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