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  • VibroChem Technical Description

    OrganoCat’s vibro-acoustical technology is based on a novel acoustical method and apparatus application. This method includes treatment of any viscous and heavy liquid by low frequency acoustical waves.The process is conducted in a vibro-acoustical apparatus. The apparatus is compatible with various mechanical treatments, and can be scaled and configured to meet the specific needs of the plant and process.

    The unique aspects of this technology and apparatus are based on both the physical properties of the low frequency/long wave length mechanical/hydrodynamic/acoustical movements, jets and waves, and the novel design of the vibro-acoustical apparatus. The first unique aspect is a fundamental property of the low frequency waves to work over a reactor length without significant adsorption and dissipation into the liquid media and to be radiated into any viscous material. There is no significant vibration of the reactor’s walls or constructive elements. The second fundamental property is a special design which forms low frequency waves, small and larger scale (mm to cm) hydrodynamic fluctuations and turbulence, micro- and macro-pulsation and oscillation, dynamic pressure, etc. These forces act to destabilize and break down agglomerates and reduce viscosity; emulsify dissimilar liquids; intensify chemical and mass/heat transfer processes; and separate stable emulsions. Due to many of these forces, the VibroChem device can replace some chemicals and catalysts.

    The throughput of the VibroChem device is 100-200 kg/min and can be operated as a batch or continuous system. Temperature control and heat transfer is available due to high heat conductivity into high solids media and insignificant heat accumulation by constructive elements and heat transferring system. Residence time varies from 1-2 min to 10-15 min. The VibroChem design is not complex from a mechanical standpoint and does not require special maintenance. The VibroChem is scalable to approx. 50 t/hour. Similar devices have demonstrated longevity of approx. 15 years without significant maintenance. Energy consumption is approx. 20-30 kW*hr/ton. The VibroChem reactor can be made of food grade stainless steel and is well suited for food production.

    The AIG technology is in the Discovery phase and ready for the Design phase. The current device is lab-scale and available for small batch testing. Need a specific solution? Contact us.