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  • Water Processing

    Reuse more water… Protect the environment… with emerging water treatment technologies

    Water is becoming one of the world’s most precious natural resources. But how does a business process the huge volumes of water found in industrial operations efficiently and economically? We believe we have the next generation technology that will do just that – process water economically and efficiently for reuse.

    Our experience in water treatment spans many different fields. From removing dissolved silica, organics and other minerals from SAGD process and blowdown water, to treating gray water with cutting fluids and surfactants, OrganoCat can work with you to develop solutions that you can utilize throughout the world using innovative technologies like our 3D Scavenger™ and Active Ion Generator™. Our experience extends to mining runoff water tainted with copper and other heavy metals and underground water polluted with TCE.

    OrganoCat seeks global leaders in water processing to take these emerging technologies to market. To meet with an OrganoCat representative about one of our emerging technologies, please contact us or call (502) 992-0661.