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    Modern agriculture has seen an increasing use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Over time, these inputs can damage the soils native bacteria, organic and mineral matter, and change the soil’s natural pH. Chemical fertilizers also leach into ground water, streams, and lakes result...
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    ActivHume-S is a dry granule combining patent-pending ActivHume with bioactive sulfur. It contains the same organic and mineral constituents as ActivHume plus sulfur in three forms - elemental sulfur, polysulfide and thiosulfate – to bring synergetic benefits. ActivHume-S is compatible with mos...
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    Floris is a liquid catalytic extract that supercharges your soils biological engine, overcoming many common soil problems. Floris is not a substitute for traditional nutrients - it works with common fertilizers or by itself to build and strengthen the natural bio-cycle within the soil....
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    Nitrogen is a necessary agricultural input. But it is estimated that 25-50% of nitrogen is lost due to volatilization and leaching. Introducing NutraHume™, a patent-pending technology combining non-cationic Active Humics with 23% buffered and stabilized nitrogen. NutraHume is an effective nitro...
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