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  • ActivHume-S™

    Supercharge your soil’s engine

    ActivHume-S is a dry granule combining patent-pending ActivHume with bioactive sulfur. It contains the same organic and mineral constituents as ActivHume plus sulfur in three forms – elemental sulfur, polysulfide and thiosulfate – to bring synergetic benefits.

    ActivHume-S is compatible with most dry fertilizers and micronutrients and can be spread by itself or dry blended with other fertilizers.

    ActivHume works with common fertilizers or by itself to build and strengthen the natural bio-cycle within the soil as well as to improve nutrient holding capacity in the soil and nutrient uptake by the plants. Additionally, bioactive sulfur provides benefits over a long period of time. Soluble thiosulfate is rapidly available for plants; soluble polysulfide and insoluble elemental sulfur slowly convert into plant-available sulfates due to natural bio-chemical processes. Thanks to ActivHume’s buffering capacity, ActivHume-S does not acidify the soil like traditional sulfur containing fertilizers.

    The superior product:

    • Innovative: no similar products on the market
    • Active: designed for optimum bio, geo and chemical activity
    • Flexible: effective by itself and with most liquid fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides
    • Effective: across all soil and plant types
    • Universal: Comprehensive – positively affects all soil constituents, bio-geo-chemical processes and crops resulting in higher yield and produce quality (protein, carbohydrates, vitamins content, etc.)
    • Excellent source of time released sulfur for plants

    ActivHume-S is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

    To learn more:


    Active Humic Technology (clickable for download)