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  • Soil Restoration

    Soil is under attack

    Soil is a key resource for agriculture, livestock, and wood resources. Soil is also a powerful carbon sink. But rough calculations show that at current soil degradation rates, we have 60 years of topsoil left – GLOBALLY. It is estimated that 40% of the soil used for agriculture is either degraded or seriously degraded. Soil degradation is leading to major global problems such as erosion, poor food quality and productivity, unhealthy livestock, and water pollution as the soil is unable to hold agricultural inputs.

    OrganoCat is focused on soil health and restoring soil to its more natural state. We offer a wide range of environmentally beneficial products for toxin treatment, soil restoration, and soil fertility. We know that by improving the health of the soil, we can improve crop health, quality and yield; increase nutrient value for grazing crops; reduce erosion; and store vast amounts of carbon in the soil.

    OrganoCat seeks global leaders in agricultural, environmental remediation, livestock management and carbon sequestration to take these emerging technologies to market. To meet with an OrganoCat representative about one of our earth beneficial technologies, please contact us or call (502) 992-0661.