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  • ActivHume™

    Supercharge your soil’s engine

    Modern agriculture has seen an increasing use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Over time, these inputs can damage the soils native bacteria, organic and mineral matter, and change the soil’s natural pH. Chemical fertilizers also leach into ground water, streams, and lakes resulting in major problems like eutrophication.

    ActivHume™ is a patent-pending water soluble dry granule. It is compatible with most dry fertilizers and micronutrients and can be spread by itself or dry blended with other fertilizers.

    ActivHume is not a substitute for traditional nutrients, but it works with common fertilizers or by itself to build and strengthen the natural bio-cycle within the soil as well as to improve nutrient holding capacity in the soil and nutrient uptake by the plants.

    Once placed in the soil, ActivHume begins to dissolve and work biologically, geologically and chemically.

    • Biologically: ActivHume stimulates microbial activity and stimulates root and plant growth
    • Geologically: ActivHume rebuilds soil structure, organic matter and native minerals leading to better soil porosity, water holding capacity and reduced compaction
    • Chemically: ActivHume increases CEC helping to hold vital nutrients in the soil for plant use

    The result is higher yield potential and better produce quality. The mechanisms responsible for these actions are scientifically fundamental and practically detected.

    The superior product:

    • Active – designed for optimum bio, geo and chemical activity
    • Flexible – effective with most dry fertilizers and micronutrients
    • Effective – across all soil and plant types
    • Comprehensive – positively affects all soil constituents, bio-geo-chemical processes and crops resulting in higher yield and produce quality (protein, carbohydrates, vitamins content, etc.)

    ActivHume is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

    To learn more:


    Active Humic Technology (clickable for download)