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  • NutraHume™

    Environmentally responsible… Plant friendly

    Nitrogen is a necessary agricultural input. But it is estimated that 25-50% of nitrogen is lost due to volatilization and leaching. Introducing NutraHume™, a patent-pending technology combining non-cationic Active Humics with 23% buffered and stabilized nitrogen.

    NutraHume is an effective nitrogen fertilizer, soil conditioner and ameliorant. It can be used for foliar spray and irrigation water injection. NutraHume is biologically, geologically, and chemically active, stimulating both plants and soil microbiology. Need to overcome nitrogen deficiency in your plants quickly? NutraHume can help eliminate nitrogen deficiency as a foliar spray without significant leaf burn and stress.

    A superior nitrogen product:

    • Enviro-Safe – buffered and stabilized to protect soil and water from nitrogen leaching
    • Plant-Safe – buffered for less leaf burn
    • Purity – won’t clog nozzles
    • Activity – designed for rapid nitrogen deficiency elimination at optimum bio, geo and  chemical activity
    • Effective – across all soil and plant types

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    Active Humic Technology (clickable for download)